About Us

Southern Vascular & Pain Management is a pain management and anesthesiology practice with a mission to relieve each person’s pain with innovative, effective, and long-lasting treatments. At their offices in Blytheville, Arkansa and Memphis and Union City, Tennessee, Thomas Hodgkiss, MD, and his exceptional team offer a holistic approach that targets the true cause of pain rather than temporarily masking a symptom.

Patients seek the team’s expertise for relief from back pain, neck pain, and the vast spectrum of pain throughout the body. Southern Vascular & Pain Management offers a wide range of interventional, and pain management techniques that provide pain relief when other conventional medical treatments have failed.

Interventional treatments range from epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, and spinal cord stimulator placement to vertebral fracture repair and genicular artery embolization

Southern Vascular & Pain Management redefines the concept of a pain clinic by expanding its services to include vascular conditions, including those known for causing leg pain. An expert in peripheral artery disease and the treatment of vascular diseases like aneurysms, Dr. Hodgkiss also has extensive experience treating vascular problems associated with atherosclerosis and creating and maintaining vascular access for patients needing dialysis.

Whether delivering interventional radiology, interventional oncology, advanced interventional or traditional pain management treatments, the team ensures precise procedures using fluoroscopic guidance, ultrasound, and CT scans. Our team is unique from traditional pain centers. We utilize our expertise of interventional radiology, vascular surgery, board certified pain physicians, nurse practitioners, ultrasonographers and radiological technologists.

No one needs to live with pain when extraordinary care is available at Southern Vascular & Pain Management. Call or book an appointment online today.